Recently, I asked for your questions. Here, I anwser them. I did not list ones that were asked more than once.

What type of music do you play on your guitar??
I play country music It's always been the genre that fits with my personality and I just plain find joy in it. Most of the songs I play nowadyas are ones I've been writing, but I've always been playing songs by artists such as Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Taylor Swift, Sugarland, Mariah Carey, Miranda Lambert, etc. I also, of course, love to play worship music especially by David Crowder.

So, I wanna hear more about your guy…. =)
He's quite a fairytale. See our story {here.} and I was quite amused that almost all of you asked this question (but I toally understand...it's what I'd be asking too).

If there was one thing you could tell every single person in the world, what would it be??
That Jesus Christ saves and He sadisfys and there is  in life but him. So often I see friends, family, and celebrities fall away and search for things that cannot saidfy.  But Christ is everything. Without him, everything is empty. Everything is worthless. Everything is dead.

Name three of your favorite book AND movie characters.
Hmmm...this was actually the hardest question! My favorites are ever-changing but my favorite book characters are Atticus Finch, Winnie-the-Pooh, and Jo March. My favorite movie characters are Batman (from the new one), Rapunzel (from tangled) and Simba (from the Lion King).

Do you have a certain position that you like to fall asleep in?
I always sleep on my left side every night. Actually I can't fall asleep unless I am in the right position, cause it is just what I am used to. Once I had surgrey and had to sleep on my back. It was the worst thing ever.

Jeans/shorts or dresses/skirts?
A bit of both. I never wear skirts for some reason (I just don't...it's unusal). But I LOVE dresses. I wear them whenever I can. Especially sun dresses. But at the same time: nothing is better than some comfy jeans to slip into.

whats a normal day in your life look like?
I wake up, do my devotion, make coffee, wake up the three kiddos I nanny, give the kids breakfast and dress them, drive the kids to school, come home and do any housework or cooking for the day, if I have time I go eat lunch with a friend or read//blog//play music, at 3 I pick up the kids and play with them until their dad comes home from work, I eat dinner, and after dinner I sometimes watch the kids if their dad has work or I go visit my friends and family.

what do you want to be when you grow up?
A Daughter of Christ, wife, mommy and maybe missionary. That's all...ever.

whats your favorite food?
Corn, Chocolate, pastas. Not togther of course....

Thanks for asking! And hey I'll do another one of these...ask ANY questions below.

Smiles, Maya


  1. Yayy!! You answered all my questions :) heehee

    Loved this, dear!! <3


  2. Do you live with the family that you’re nanny for? Are you allowed to tell us more about the kids? Cause hearing about kids is so much fun! Do you live on an island? And if you’re willing to share where you live, where is it? What are some of your favorite names? Yeah, I know I’m asking questions, questions, questions! Anyway, thanks so much for guest posting over on my blog with such short notice! I really appreciate that. =)


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