Forever is a long time, but I wouldn't mind spending it with you

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I've been,dating/courting/whatever two and half months. I've learned a whole heck about love.

I don't want be a girl who just talks about guys, but I felt like I haven't written about my thoughts on it in my life lately. So I was all girly and wrote this up.

I can still remember before getting into my current relationship asking a dear friend, "But what if it doesn't work out?"
And she just looked at me and said, "But what if it does?"

I'm a believer in providence and I know everything happens for a reason. And right now I know he's made me this feel so wonderful I can't imagine a time before I loved him. Loving someone is an adventure and apart from your Christian walk, it's the greatest adventure in the world. And having someone who truly loves Christ is what makes our relationship focused on Him not us. And I don't think every girl has an amazing guy who is correcting her and showing manly leadership. I remember asking him on one of our first dates to just be a guy. Not a immature boy or a too mature man, but a real honest guy. He's been wonderful.
I don't want it to sound like it's perfection. It isn't. It's no where near perfection. We've had our millions of issues and problems.

That's the thing about love. It cracks. It burns. It's hurts...terrible. But real love survives the trials. Fake love can't make it through rough times. I know. It's had my share of heartbreaks. And I'll be honest, I've had my share of guys I've fallen for. Even though I've liked my boy since I was in middle school, I've had my share of other things along way. I've stepped in love so many times. But it's taken me this long to fall head-first into it. And ohmyfreakinggosh I am so glad I waited during my teen years. A relationship takes up a lot that I wasn't near ready for back then.

A friend asked me the other day if I thought we'd get married. I honestly have no idea. We'll see. I'm still a fresh girl of eighteen with no solid plans and he's still a college student with no solid plans for his. Sure, we've talked about it a lot. But we are still praying to God for wisdom in this part of our lives, because this is the biggest descion we could ever make.

And for you guys wondering how I feel? I'd walk down the isle tomorrow if I could...

I don't know if this is gonna last forever. But I know God is in control. Everything could change in a moment, but for now I'm living on memories of drinking coffee in his car in the pouring rain and sitting by the lake the first time we held hands.

Being a Christ-centered relationship makes everything so sweet, but I have also learned nothing beats the love of the savior.

Forever ist eine lange Zeit, aber ich h├Ątte nichts dagegen, verbringen Sie es mit Sie!
Smiles, Maya

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  1. This is sweet and precious and so encouraging to me, as someone still in her teen years and desiring to wait. =) xo


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