kinds of happy

//Listening To Our July in The Rain by He is We//
//Currently watching fall trasform the world from the comfy place of my window// Img_8050_large

//re-playing a favorite verse of your favorite song over and over

//watching my favorite television show from highschool and still laughing aloud

//wearing converse

//nostalgia that perfectly hurts

//the first sip of a wonderful warm drink

//the first year I have no big papers to weep about with my fellow blogger peeps

//how mumford and sons are becoming a favorite thing of mine

//listening to taylor  so country new song that came out yesterday

//reading journal. getting chills. crying. reading more.

//eating gelato downtown with a bestie

//when the perfect song comes on at the perfect time you need it

//pumpkin spice lattes made by my favorite boy

//hall of fame (the script) making it's way to like my favorite song

//this movie. it will rock my world

//new books to read

//when a conversation just gets awkward

//playing and singing at a dance

//when spell check highlights "ohmyfreakinggosh" as a mispelled world. no way...

Hope your having your own kinds of happy today, girls.

smiles, maya


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