Kiss the world goodbye, it's time to fly away home


There is some sort of contentment fall always brings for me. Summer is always exciting, full of adventures. Winter is always when the blizzards of the world and life blow. Spring is the state of growth and change. And fall is perfect. It comes slowly, but it does come. All things come, just not the way we expect.

I spent this week home. Well, I guess it's not home anymore. This is my first fall away from my family and with me being sick it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get-away. There is nothing like coming home and smelling the same old smell that brings back so much. There is nothing like hugging your little sister and kissing your little brother's face. When I see them again, a flood of memories re-visits me.

I missed my family. I've moved a thousand times, but still there is something about going home simply because they are there. A house doesn't make a home, a family does.

Sleeping in my old bed and walking those hallways opened a window I hadn't touched in forever. A window I didn't want to re-visit. I didn't realize I missed so much until I was there to be with it again. You forget how beautiful memories are until you remember them so clearly.

But sometimes, as sweet as memories are, that window doesn't make me want to go back as much as it wants me to go forward. I look back at the person I once was, and am glad God has brought me this far to new adventures and new shores. And I simply can't wait to see the next road he'll set me on and ask me to call my home for now. This fall I am not wanting anything but where I am.

Things will change. But sometimes it's time to kiss the world goodbye and fly away to the next place God wants us to call home. It often takes a window from the past to help us to see that.

Smiles, Maya

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  1. Yeah, I love this. <3 Home is a beautiful place to be.


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