lately my life has looked like a country song

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Since July, I've lived in the Country and it's new to me but it's beautiful. I've dreamed of such a place as this my entire life. I've been crazy over Country music since I was thirteen and it's like living a song out here.

Recently, My Boyfriend and I have been taking rides to nowhere in his pick-up truck and playing the radio softly while we talk. Or somedays sit in the back somewhere and I'll teach him some guitar. I've been in love with Rascal Flatts recently along with Taylor Swfit's new music (ohmygosh it's her best ever, my favorites are Starlight and Everything's Changed).  It's simply glorious. The other day he was sitting there playing some Rascall Flatts I'd taught him and then he stopped. And he looked at me and said, "You know I was just thinking--we are going to miss these days someday." 

That hit hard. Someday I'm going to miss these days living this country song. Someday it's going to be a different song. But I guess that's life. It's wild and free and forever some days but it ends so quickly. So I guess we just have to savor every tune while it's playing and never fast forward to see which song is next. Because some parts are going to be sad...but the happy parts don't make any sense without those sad moments.

 I know God knew I needed to hear those words my boy said that one day. It made me so thankful for the life I live right now. I am so blessed. I have a family a few hours away that I love with all of me. I have a roof and a good paying job loving these three kids every day. I haven't had much pain in the last year. Mostly, I have an amzing savior who turned my black soul into a worshipping saint. They are the story behind the song I sing everyday.

I love this county life. Every moment is one to be thankful for.

Smiles, Maya


  1. Oh my...I loved this post so much...

    #1 - because it reminds me that God's in control.

    #2 - I love country music.

    #3 - the way you write is just...beautiful.

    Let us live each life to the fullest, yes?

  2. Thank-you for sharing those words of wisdom, Maya. I totally needed to hear that as well. :)

  3. Oh my word, this post was wonderful <3
    I feel like I can somewhat relate. I've lived in the country for a little over a year, and within this year, I have met some of the most wonderful people I have ever met, and made some unforgetable memories.
    And you are so right, the happy moments wouldn't make sense without the sad. That's just what I needed to hear today <3


  4. I love the picture!

  5. Um. This was beautifully written. <3 Your blog is my favorite.

  6. awesome post!

    I'm hosting a gift exchange 'party' if you would like to join!


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