This Dumping Ground

So I haven't blogged in forever.

I've been pretty busy, but mostly I've been re-thinkng this whole blog thing. I don't remember what I orginally wanted my blog to be but as I recently I've been looking over all my previous posts and realizing blogging has become a dumping grounds for my feelings. I've resorted to blogging whenever I have no one to talk to, whenever I need to rant, and whenever I want to remember. And I'm pretty sure none of you like reading my sad feelings like every day. Or maybe you do. Who knows.

The truth is...I blog for myself. I'm not sure that's exactly a good thing, but everything you read here I don't write perfectly for people to read or get more followers. Actually, I haven't even viewed my blog and followers in over a month. It's just sometimes late at night or early in the morning in the midst of my crazy life I'll sit down and get something off my back so I can return to normal life.

The truth is...at first I was like, "I gotta redo my entire blog." But that isn't why I blog. I've drifted from the blogging commuinty and I honestly don't care. I blog because it is a dumping ground for my feelings when I need to scream and cry and ramble. And that's why I blog. I don't care if anyone is listening.

It's where I talk about perks of my Christian Life, or rant about boys and relationships, write letters to people, and talk about the pain I sometimes feel. And I like re-reading through it. It's like a journal of my life.

So if you took the time to read through this ramble I love you and I think your pretty rad. Because I don't blog for people, I blog because it's my darn dumping grounds. And I like it like that.


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