While I have not been blogging, I have been living


While I have not been blogging, I've been living radical.

It still seems like September, but somehow it's mid-November. How does that even happen? I'm so
used to warm weather, but this time of year I'm finding myself putting on a coat to go anywhere. It's odd. I'm not sure I like it. I'm used to wearing short sleeves this time of year. Stupid moving to mess up my mind :)

I've been finding the time passing way too fast, but the older I get the less it matters. Why would I look forward to breaks when it just means the same old same old working? But nevertheless I wish time wouldn't go so quick. I've been working for five months now, graduated for seven, and dating for six. It seems like yesterday those happy times were right before my eyes. But the more time goes, the stronger the memories are.

My precious kiddos are the same. Everyday I love nannying them more. They have really grown to be like my own children and I can't imagine time without them. Time forms the strongest bonds. Originally they were going to be spending this month with their grandma and I would time off, but that didn't work out. And I'm glad. I'm treasuring every moment. It seems like they will be off my hands for the entire December though, which leaves me making plans to go home for the entire month. I haven't been home in forever and I'm happy.

When I'm not taking care of those darlings....I've been taking long walks of late, listening to my cold sad November love songs and pondering life. I've been reading a whole lot including A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, anything John Green, and other handfuls of books. I've been trying to work on my music. All my feelings of late have been going into working on some new songs to write...and maybe one day I'll share one or two ;) I've been watching old episodes of Britain's Got Talent, crying my eyes off movie trailers, and learning to bake bread. I've been reading through Psalms, procrastinating when possible, and doing some blog designing when I'm bored.

I'm sorry for almost never blogging and when I do it's scattered and rambles. But thanks if your still reading my blog after all this time. You should win a prize. If you are, don't be shy to drop a comment and say hello...because I already love you whoever you are.

Smiles, Maya

p.s. Watch this, cry, and look forward to December: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSjbdufL828


  1. We got a dump of snow out here and it is COLD! :) it would be nice to be able to still wear short sleeves at this time! :) I really like the pic you used...something about the leaves fading into forever :).. did you take it?

  2. Yep, it's cold out here too, but that's only normal.
    I know what you mean. Time is going way too fast, but all the memories of lately seem so strong. All I know, is that I'm hanging on tight.


  3. I awarded you over at my blog! http://mirandagabriella.blogspot.com/2012/11/awarded.html


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