here's to highschool and no regrets

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When I look back at my highschool days, I see the times of an unfinished work. It was the painting of a picture, with some days looking bright and beautiful and other days full of dreading it would never be completed or even worse-completed ugly.

 It was the time God takes your life and let's you live radical. It also was dance parties, and believing you were forever. It was awakening stories within the soul. It was a time of music, of guitars, of campfires, of happiness. It was a time of wanderlust, of wanting, of farsickness. It was friends. It was those golden memories. It was the feeling of your first summer crush and the fearless leap you take in the process of loving someone. It was knowing for the first time life was truly amazing and worth living....

But it always wasn't like that.

Highschool is the nights of crying because you feel broken. Highschool is that first real love which leads to that first real heartbreak. Highschool is staying up all night studying for that test you put off all week. Highschool is full of regret. Highschool is long nights and dreading morning. Highschool is reality crashing upon your shoulders and life seeming so dim. It's watching friends give their everything to guys, thinking it's forever. And it never is. It's something wanting realtionships like those other girls had...even though you said you'd wait (and gosh I am so glad I'm still waiting).

So here's my last farewell...it's been eight months of school-less life and honestly some days I do miss highschool. I followed God through all those tough years and I have absolutely so regret in the path I took. But it's time to grow up in this same promise that He'll lead me home. It's time to move on.

Here's to highschool, the memories we'll always cherish, the nights we gave to much, the nights we didn't give enough, the friends we'll keep forever, and the scars that are slowly fading...here's to highschool and no regrets.


  1. hey maya!!(: i just re-discovered your blog (after noticing i'm already a member) XD and i love your words! and its funny because i noticed your blog design is SUPER close to mine, but then realized that we had the same blog designer. :D haha. hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! xoxox lindsey~

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  3. Isn't it so very complicated to be a teenager? So wonderful and scary, and also miserable and blah-ish and magical. If that makes sense =]


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