To My Little Sister

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Dearest, your just so young. Your Jr year of highschool is upon you and Em tells me your having trouble.You still have so much life to live, you still have so many bridges to climb. Don't give up, ever as hard as they might treat you. Never stop smiling even if it hurts. Love fierce. Be fearless. Be who you are no matter what anybody will say. I know how hard highschool is and I'm so sorry you have to go there and not do school at home. I'm sorry it's hard with all those people to deal with. Just promise me you'll stay innocent. Don't give up the way you write on your hands, or awkwardly smile when your nervous, or can repeat Shakespere, or dance to yourself when your happy. I'm coming home soon and we'll have some study parties together like we used to and cry about stupid things like guys and popular girls. Darling, your unique. Your perfect. I know how hard loving someone is and I know your in love with someone who could care less. Just be you and don't change yourself for him. One day you'll find someone you loves you for you, not someone who needs you to change for them. I hope your highschool love turns out to be your true love or someone better comes along. I hope you save your firsts for that perfect time and don't give away the flawless angel you are. I hope some nights you drive and listen to sad songs loudly because that's who you are and nobody should change that. I hope you have a beautiful life and I mostly hope I get to be a part of it. I love you, baby. Your precious. Your my darling sister and one day I hope you live a million beautiful adventures. Please call me, even if it's three in the morning when you have your first heartbreak. Please call me when you are in true love for the first time. Please call me, because I love you. --Maya


  1. Oh Maya...this was so beautiful and sweet. You are such a good big sister. LORD bless you! <3

  2. this is beautiful, darling. what a wonderful older sister you are. :)


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