Fragments of Coffee, Happiness, Hair, Christmas, and More Coffee

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i. I am feeling rather good right now. The best I've felt in a while. It's due to the fact God's really been convicting me not of having a joyful heart, so I've been trying. The result is rather lovely. I actually like being joyful.

ii. It's also official coffee season. Peppermint Mocha's. I drink way too much coffee. But It's just so good.

iii. I'm off work until January. I am aware this is not normal for anyone. But the kids I nanny have been sent to spend the holiday season with their Grandma. So I am free. I am currently spending the week with my dear friend Liz. Next week, I get to go home #rejoice #sohappy

iv. I dyed my hair. I have never done it, except for highlights since I was 15. I haven't cut or colored it at all since a mistake I made a while back when accidentally making it green.  Last week, I decided to maybe dye the edges. Liz agreed to help me. Then, I thought--what if I did the whole thing? Liz was excited and the boy approved...so we did. It's still brown, but much lighter. I still really love it, but I'm still getting used to it.

v. I've had time for reading lately. A lot of that is reading blogs I haven't been able to in forever. It's rather nice. I've also picked up reading books a lot. I miss when I had more time to do that. John Green books are becoming my favorites of all time, I will say. And I read Perks of Being a Wallflower again just because it makes me cry and my heart race a million miles. I bought a bunch of Jane Austen books and want to read those over the holiday too.

vi. I will be honest here. I'm not too proud to be an American right now. I trust God, but I see poor leadership. I am considering moving to another country (sorta...). Not because they will have it figured out, but because I won't know anything over there about political junk.

vii. I'd like to revisit number two. I am currently drinking coffee. It's wondrous.

viii. This is a weird post of fragments. But my life is one giant fragment of a greater puzzle. 

ix. I realize this post made no sense.Hopefully over break, there will be real posts. Not just me being me. But me being me is the point of this blog.....

x. ...and I don't even know if I got all the roman numerals right....

xi. ....so I'm ending this post.

xii. So bye.

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  1. Awesome!! So glad you're doing well, hun:)

    Oooh! I had my first Peppermint Mocha of the season a couple weeks ago. Delish.

    Awww! I hope you have a good time with your friend!

    Is that pic of you or...? Glad you like your new hair look:)

    I've had a lot more time to catch up on blog reading AND regular reading...AND writing too, actually. It's been nice. I have never read 'Perks of Being a Wallflower'...but it's been popping up in random places the last few days. Maybe I should get it at the library...... Ooh! which Jane Austen is your favorite??

    I loved the Roman numerals btw;)

    *Merry Christmas!*


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