a goodbye to 2012 and a hello to 2013

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2012 was a year of healing and change for me.

In January, I was still recovering from the death of my best friend. I spent this month mourning. Yet at the same time, God used these trials to change and mold me in ways I never could imagine. This month I moved from the only place I've ever been able to call home to a new city.

In February, I mostly did school and started to get back to normal after the move. I got plugged in to a new church. I made some friends. I thought about the future. This month, I took a personal retreat to seek God for a weekend. This changed me. I prayed and discovered His will for my future in the fall.

In March, My Daddy got in a bad car accident and almost died. I was told he would for sure die. It was heartbreaking. Every morning, I'd wake and check my phone not knowing if he passed in the night. Yet God worked a miracle! My Father is now very healthy and is completely recovered! Our God saves. It was also this month, my brother (who I am the closest to in the family) married the love of his life. Oh happiness can be found in the darkest of times. And I saw The Hunger Games, which is worth mentioning.

In April, I turned 18...becoming an official adult. I also finished up all my high school work that month. I saw my favorite movie in 3D for my birthday. I accidentally died my hair green (which I fixed, thank goodness). I celebrated one year of blogging.

In May, I graduated. I took a trip to celebrate the best friends in the world. To sum it up, may was good. I went bowling for the first time.

In June, I went to Germany. I met God almighty. I fell in love with the town. I started dating my amazing boyfriend (we've been dating over six months now. It's hard to believe!) Best month ever.

In July, I came home from Germany. I moved to the south (or more south) and became a nanny for 3 children.

August, September, and October were spent caring and loving for those sweet kids. And bonding with people from my new Church there, plus learning the power of love (and being thankful for phones) in long distance relationships.

In November, I revisited old feelings with the anniversary of a dear friend. I drank Starbucks, wrote, and cuddled those kids even more. In all, God again used suffering to reveal more about Him.

In December, I got my first car (an old black toyota camry), I successfully died my hair lighter. I spent a week at the beach and a week at my friends on my break. It was also, right before Christmas, I learned I would no longer be a nanny for that one family. Their Grandma moved in and is taking my place. I was upset to lose my job, but I realize God is leading me elsewhere. I've moved back home and right am currently praying about this Spring. I have considered college, but the time does not seem right.

2012 was an eventful year. I broke. I healed. I moved three times. I fell in love. God was
good to me through every step.

So goodbye 2012, and hello 2013. You shall be great, I know. Whatever lies with you, I do not know. I do know God will continue to be faithful through it all.

Thanks to the few who have stuck with me through all this. You mean the world!

Smiles, Maya.


  1. Maya,

    You are beautiful.

    You are a beautiful writer.

    The LORD brought you through so much in 2012, but I know that through it all, He has made you stronger.

    You are a beautiful example and inspiration. Keep seeking His face, dear heart!


    PS: I loved this post.

  2. PPS: I'm starting to give shout-outs on my Facebook page to blogs I love...I posted a link to this post. <3


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